The Street is the Motor



Cars are heavy and therefore consume a lot of energy. The self driving car will probably be realized but still it will have a heavy motor, polluting the air or in case of an e-car a very heavy battery or dangerous hydrogen.



Why shouldn’t the street be the motor and therefore the electricity be supplied by cables? Why shouldn’t the street be the cable.



Self driving or human driven car without motor hovering like the Transrapid above the street.

How does it work?

Inductors are printed on the surface of the street. The base of the wheel less car is made of magnetified plastic. Therefore it is pushed upward and also forward (existing technology from Transrapid).

The printed inductors along the roads are at the same time the power network needed for the upcoming „Energiewende“ (German change initiative towards renewable energies).



Fraunhofer Pitch “Charging stations of the future”, Pforzheim, 2012