Taxibot – Taxi for Aircraft



Each Airport has the same problem. The ground traffic of aircraft on the “streets” of the airport is causing air pollution inducing health problems and discomfort of ground handling staff. Furthermore, noise motivates people living close to the airport to raise their voices against airport architectural plans. And even the airlines have problems with the current system of ground movement. The engines of the aircraft are on for driving from the gate to the runway. As the engines are close to the floor they suck in debris and small particles. This causes dmages or at least high maintenance frequencies and expensive engine checks.



Aircraft engines are swiched off for ground movement. Small robots are pulling the aircraft from the gate to the runway and back.



Self driving platform which can also be controlled by the pilot from the cockpit. Radio controlling is not necessary. The steering wheel is standing on a rotational disc on the driving platform. So a left or right steering with the usual interface in the aircraft is registered and results in the respective movement of the platform (which basically looks like a truck pulling the aircraft). Braking can also be controlled by the existing aircraft wheel brakes of the back wheels which roll on the floor. If the pilot is not pushing the brakes, the platform will accelerate.



Airbus Le Bourget Airshow 2009



Airbus Contest “Fly your Ideas EC Award”