Rail Charger – E-Mobility



It is not possible to charge e-cars as fast as you can fill the gas tank of a conventional car. As a result, more and more parking places are equipped with charging stations. Often, parking places are reserved for e-cars. It will probably remain a fact that there is a mix of cars (electric and gas) on the streets. A result is an inefficient usage of parking spaces.



The charging station is movable along the parking places. So a gas powered car still can use the last parking space. When any of the other parking spaces gets free, an e-car can park there no matter if ther is a charger or not. The charger can be moved to the car on a rail. The rail charger is a flexible charging solution with multiple charging columns which are movable flexibly and can be distributed to a column of parking lots along the rail. Even passing by of a station in use is realizable and patented.



DMY International Design Festival, Berlin, 2012



DE102012013238, filed by Daimler AG in 2012