Namibia – Shelter


Information about the Nama people

The Nama people is living in the Namib Desert. Their originally nomadic life is prevented by the government, today. They are not allowed to hunt and to build their mobile huts in the Namib Desert as the government decided that their territory is a national park, now. That’s a fact we cannot change easily. They live from food deliveries from the Red Cross and improvise huts by scrappart-patchwork.


They live in huts which are not tight, cold in the night, hot during the day and children can be harmed by the sharp metal scrap parts. The metal parts for the huts are no natural resources and are rare in the desert.


This special solution of a shelter has been designed for and with the Nama people in the Namib Desert. It reflects the sun. Insulation is provided by ventilated hollow walls. Cool air from the humid underground is sucked into the shelter. The suction is powered by the sun shining on a low tech upwind convection tube.


In field experimentation

On field implementation with the youngest members of the Nama people in the Namib Desert motivating them to reinvent their habitat.